The delicious aroma of the herbs, the smell of the just baked chocolate cake, and the constant laughter and swapping of jokes. Your kitchen is not just another room, it’s an epicenter of your life. Homework, gossip, bill payment, and of course meals and dinner parties, it is a veritable workhorse and a magical place to be.

A place as versatile as your kitchen, the hub of your activities needs to have the lightning that can accommodate everything that takes place in it. Above all, perfect lighting creates a perfect mood and ambiance that enhances the look and the feel of your kitchen and of course ups your productivity. Updating your kitchen lighting is the quickest way to spruce it up. No wonder that the kitchen lighting occupies an important place in the scheme of home decor. 

The lighting trends that come up every year are an indication of how your humble kitchen has transformed itself into a place of elegance and class and the right lighting for your kitchen is here to say. 

 Let’s dive in to know more about the various types of lighting and the ones that are trending in 2020.

Know your Lights

When it comes to kitchen lighting, there are essentially three types depending upon the functionality.


Ambient Light: This is the backbone of your kitchen lighting system. It either compliments the natural light or supplements it in its absence. Such lighting fixtures are done ideally from the ceiling to cast as much illumination as possible on the entire kitchen area. 


Task Light: In contrast to the ambient light, the task light helps you navigate specific tasks. Be it chopping, cutting, cooking meals, or hunting down the oregano from the kitchen cabinet for your pasta, task light brightens these corners and makes your work safer and more efficient.


Accent Lighting: This brings a little dramatic effect to your kitchen. Accent lighting brings that much needed visual appeal to your epicenter and accentuates the focus on particular objects in your kitchen like a cabinet or an artwork.


What’s Trending in 2020?

Kitchen lighting trends have evolved over the years. From concentrating on mere functionality to adding personality to your most loved space, they have traveled a long way. Minimalism in lighting spaces and fixtures is the underlying mantra of the kitchen lighting trend in 2020. This trend is marked by the minimalist character that seeks to bring the kitchen space into the spotlight. The trend in 2020 is all about bringing brightness and warmth to the original colors to the various elements in the kitchen. 

 If your kitchen space is a homework area, hang out space, mealtime area all rolled into one, then pendant is a great option for ambient lighting. Pendant lights are the titleholder in the Kitchen lighting trend in 2020.

Two of the most popular look in pendant lighting are Nordic Glass Lamp and Olympic Oval Lamp. These two are rapidly capturing the imagination of the home decor experts. 


Nordic Glass Lamp:

Kitchen Lights

The Nordic glass lamp redefines minimalism. If you are looking for a chic yet retro lighting option, Nordic glass lamp is just the choice. Made of clear seeded glass these shades are usually fitted with a stylish bulb that adds character to the whole place when it casts its glow over it. The Nordic glass lamps are placed at least 30-32 inches apart from each other and 30-36 inches above the designated space. It’s sleek design and multi-color options captives your esthetic senses immediately.

The Olympic Pendant Ring Light:

Kitchen Lights

The Olympic pendant ring light is what minimalism dreams are made of. A confluence of elegance and modernity, this pendant ring light constantly challenges you to push your envelope. Inspired by the Olympic rings these ring lights are self-contained aerial shaped linear suspension. It is in the outer ring of the light where the LED light source is located. Supported by white suspenders these circular blocks give an illusion of floating in the air. With such contemporary feels the Olympic pendant ring light is naturally under the spotlight of experts and enthusiast alike.


Your kitchen is not just space. It’s your island of sanity, the place where happy memories and everyday stories get made. Give it the best lighting it deserves.

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