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The lighting trends that come up every year are an indication of how your humble kitchen has transformed itself into a place of elegance and class and the right lighting for your kitchen is here to say.   Let’s dive in to know more about the various types of lighting and the ones that are trending in 2020.

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Choose The Right Sculpture For Your Home Decor

We can all agree that sculptures are a great way to express your style and to display forms that fit your personality and also impress your guests. Choosing the right sculpture for decorating you home will be very fun and straightforward. Skeptical? Yeah, i used to be too till I get to the task of really doing therefore.This can be as a result of once I heard the word sculpture I instantly envisioned an outsize work of art adorning the field of a repository or giant estate. However guess what? It ought not to be that at all! Stunning and symbolically powerful sculptures like this “metal rooster statue” comes in two styles and great size, and “DECOINTERIORS” offers so many...

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